Physik Sommersemester 2002
06384 Complex Systems [V]
Dozent Linz
Studiensemester 8
Schein Nein
Termin 15.04.02- 26.04.2002, 14:00-17:00, 506/Nord
Beginn 15.04.02
Inhalt The complexity of the world around us is contrasted with the simplicity of the basic laws of physics. How does nature arrange complexity from simple laws? Complex systems theory is aimed at resolving this puzzle. Specifically, this class gives an introduction in the modern concepts of complex systems theory such as,
  • systems approach
  • emergence
  • non-linear dynamics & chaos
  • non-equilibrium
  • collective properties
  • selection
  • self-organization
  • pattern formation
  • fractals
  • replication
  • randomness
  • information
Vorkenntnisse Theoretische Physik I-IV

Weitere Informationen This class will be taught in English.

BLOCKVORLESUNG in den ersten beiden Semesterwochen,
täglich montags bis freitags.