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  1. C. Gorini, P. Schwab, R. Raimondi, A. L. Shelankov
    Non-Abelian gauge fields in the gradient expansion: generalized Boltzmann and Eilenberger equations
    Phys. Rev. B 82, 195316 (2010) (11 pages) [arXiv:1003.5763]

  2. L. Chotorlishvili, P. Schwab, Z. Toklikishvili, V. Skrinnikov
    Entanglement sudden death and influence of the dynamical Stark shift for two Tavis-Cummings atoms
    Phys. Lett. A 374, 1642-1647 (2010)

  3. R. Raimondi and P. Schwab
    Interplay of intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms to the spin Hall effect in a two-dimensional electron gas
    Physica E 42, 952-955 (2010) [arXiv:0909.1880] [Proceedings EP2DS-18, Kyoto, Japan, 2009]

  4. L. Chotorlishvili, P. Schwab, J. Berakdar
    Dynamic switching of magnetization in driven magnetic molecules
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22, 036002 (2010) [arXiv:0907.4105]

  5. M. M. Fadlallah, C. Schuster, U. Eckern, U. Schwingenschlögl
    Modification of the electronic transport in Au by prototypical impurities and interlayers
    EPL 89, 47003 (2010)

  6. C. Schuster, M. Kraus, A. Opitz, W. Brütting, U. Eckern
    Transport properties of copper phthalocyanine based
    organic electronic devices

    Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 180, 117-134 (2010) [arXiv:1003.6094]

  7. T. Tudorovskiy and S. A. Mikhailov
    Intervalley plasmons in graphene
    Phys. Rev. B 82, 073411 (2010)

  8. E. Hendry, P. J. Hale, J. Moger, A. K. Savchenko, S. A. Mikhailov
    Coherent nonlinear optical response of graphene
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 097401 (2010)

  9. L. Chotorlishvili and A. Ugulava
    Quantum chaos and its kinetic stage of evolution
    Physica D 239, 103-122 (2010)

  10. E.S. Annibale, A. Gammal, K. Ziegler
    Two-dimensional expansion of a condensed dense Bose gas

  11. D. S. L. Abergel, V. Apalkov, J. Berashevich, K. Ziegler, T. Chakraborty
    Properties of Graphene: A Theoretical Perspective
    Advances in Physics 59(4), 261-482 (2010) [arXiv:1003.0391]

  12. K. Ziegler and A. Sinner
    Transport in finite graphene samples
    Phys. Rev. B 81, 241404(R) (2010) [arXiv:1002.3734]

  13. D. P. Arovas, L. Brey, H. A. Fertig, Eun-Ah Kim, K. Ziegler
    Dirac Spectrum in Piecewise Constant One-Dimensional Potentials
    New J. Phys. 12, 123020 (2010) [arXiv:1002.3655]

  14. K. Ziegler and A. Sinner
    Robust optical conductivity in gapped graphene

  15. J. Z. Bernad, U. Zuelicke, K. Ziegler
    AC transport properties of single and bilayer graphene
    Physica E 42, 755 (2010) [arXiv:1001.3239]
  16. U. Schwingenschlögl, A. Chroneos, C. Schuster, R. W. Grimes
    Extrinsic doping in silicon revisited
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 242107 (2010)

  17. L. Chotorlishvili, P. Schwab, Z. Toklikishvili, J. Berakdar
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  18. P. Schwab, R. Raimondi, C. Gorini
    Inverse spin Hall effect and anomalous Hall effect in a two-dimensional electron gas
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  19. A. Sinner, N. Hasselmann, P. Kopietz
    Functional renormalization group approach to interacting bosons at zero temperature
    Phys. Rev. A 82, 063632 (2010) [arXiv:1008.4521]