Open positions and thesis projects

We are continuously looking for talented and self-motivated students who are excited to work on optically active nanosystems and the control of these structures at radio frequencies for advanced applications in future quantum information technology.

New PhD project

We are offering Bachelor thesis projects and Master projects starting at the practical laboratory class level for students in the Physics and Material Science Programs at Universität Augsburg.

Prospective students should bring strong enthusiasm in fundamental science and physics. Starting from undergraduate Bachelor and Master students, all students contribute actively to ongoing cutting-edge research activities which we pursue with national and international collaborators. We expect a strong interest and fundamental knowledge in solid-state physics, quantum mechanics and optics. Candidates for PhD and Postdoc project with different background may also be considered.

Our group is member of the Cluster of Excellence "Nanosystems Initiative Munich" (NIM). All students have the opportunity to particapate in the graduate programs of these centers where they can exchange with students from other groups in Augsburg and Munich and present their own research.

Bachelor and Master projects

We are contiuously offering topics for Bachelor and Master thesis projects to students in the Physics and Material Science Programs. All available topics contribute to one of current reasearch projects of the group or aim to lay the foundation of a new project.

If your are interested, please approach me after my classes or stop by my office to find out about current opportunities. 

Mass e-mailed applications will not be considered.

PhD projects:

Quantum acousto dynamics with single quantum dots

Applications are invited for a PhD project in the Semiconductor Nanostructures and Nanophotonics Research Group (Prof. Dr. Hubert Krenner) at the Institute of Physics at Universität Augsburg. In our group, we investigate the coupling of single quantum emitters to nanophotonic and nanophononic circuits.

Central goal of this PhD project is the design and fabrication of hybrid nanophononic circuits to deliberately enhance or suppress the interaction between elastic waves and single quantum dots. To this end, the successful applicant will design and fabricate phononic metamaterials in which the propagation of sound occurs in artificial bandstructures for these hypersonic elastic waves. The successful applicant will conduct advanced numerical simulations of the mechanical properties of these structures and employ state-of-the-art cleanroom nanofabrication tools for fabrication of devices. Advanced high-resolution optical spectroscopy forms an integral part of the work: employing laser spectroscopy of single quantum dot artificial atoms at cryogenic temperatures the propagation of sound and the coupling of the sound wave to quantum states will be studied in the single quantum limit.

Candidates hold a very good or excellent Master degree in Physics or a related field with a strong background in quantum physics, optics and solid-state physics. Experience in advanced optical spectroscopy of single quantum emitters, cleanroom nanofabrication and/or numerical modelling is highly beneficial.

Initial funding of this project will be provided by the Cluster of Excellence “Nanosystems Initiative Munich”.

Applicants send a complete resume including certificates of your Master degree, a one-page statement of motivation and names of three references via electronic mail directly to:

Prof. Dr. Hubert Krenner

Currently no open positions in the other research areas

Highly motivated and talented candidates may send an unsolicited inquiry by e-mail to Hubert Krenner including a ~one page statement. Please emphasize which research area you are most interested in, how you think you could contribute to its success and where you see yourself after your graduation.

Mass e-mailed applications will not be considered.


Currently no open positions

We are happy to support suitable candidates who are interested in joining us under a fellowship program including


Exceptionally (self-)motivated and talented candidates may send an unsolicited inquiry by e-mail to Hubert Krenner including a ~one page statement of motivation.

Please include a  short outline for a two-year research project which you would like to conduct. For our recent and planned future activites please refer to the research page and current undergraduate thesis openings listed on this page. Your project sketch should combine your expertise with the research performed in our group and may be the basis for a fellowship application.

Mass e-mailed applications will not be considered.