• Dr. Markus G. R. Sause (28.10.2015) "Experimentalphysik"
    Fiber Reinforced Composites: In-Situ Monitoring Theory, Basic Concepts, Methods and Applications

  • Dr. Marcus Kollar (26.11.2014) "Theoretische Physik"
    Correlated Electrons in Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium
  • Dr. Norbert Büttgen (21.05.2014) "Experimentalphysik"
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Magnetically Frustrated Transition-Metal Oxides
  • Dr. Georg Eickerling (21.05.2014) "Chemie"
    Die Topologie der Elektronendichte bei subatomarer Auflösung
  • Dr. Cosima Schuster (15.01.2014) "Theoretische Physik"
    Electronic structure and transport properties of inhomogeneous correlated systems
  • Dr. Sergey Mikhailov (30.10.2013) "Theoretische Physik"
    Electrodynamics of low-dimensional semiconductor and semimetal (graphene) systems
  • Dr. Matthias Schneider (27.06.2012) "Experimentalphysik"
    Thermodynamische Zustände und Übergänge als Grundlage biologischer Funktionen (von selbstorganisiertem Blut und Einsteins Sicht auf weiche Grenzflächen)
  • Dr. Andreas Schmehl (18.01.2012) "Experimentalphysik"
    Studies on Europium Monoxide - A Key Material for the Understanding of Magneto-Electronic Materials, Heterostructures and Interfaces
  • Dr. Thomas Franke (06.07.2011) "Experimentalphysik"
    Biological cells and soft objects in microfluidic and acoustic fields
  • Dr. Stefan Thalhammer (22.07.2009) "Experimentalphysik"
    Free programmable planar Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Dr. Andreas Opitz (01.07.2009) "Experimentalphysik"
    Ladungstransport von organisch-anorganischen Grenzflächen
  • Dr.Jens Ebbecke (21.01.2009) "Experimentalphysik"
    Nanostrukturen im Potential von akustischen Oberflächenwellen
  • Dr. Dr. Udo Schwingenschlögl (21.05.2008) "Theoretische Physik"
    Electronic Structure Calculations for Inhomogeneous Systems: Interfaces, Surfaces, and Nanocontacts
  • Dr. Hans-Albrecht Krug von Nidda (27.06.2007) "Experimentalphysik"
    Electron-Spin Resonance in Strongly Correlated Transition-Metal Oxides
  • Dr. Stefan Ebbinghaus (25.10.2006) "Anorganische Chemie / Festkörperchemie"
    On the Structural and Phenomenological Diversity fo Perovskites Containing 4d and 5d Transition Metals
  • Dr. Anke Weidenkaff (25.10.2006) "Festkörperchemie"
    Perovskite Phases as Functional Materials in Regenerative Energy Systems
  • Dr. Andreas Heinrich (12.07.2006) "Experimentalphysik"
    Matnetooptische Materialien und magnetooptische Untersuchungen an Supraleitern
  • Dr. Christof W. Schneider (14.06.2006) "Experimentalphysik"
    Superconducting and Normal State Properties of Grain Boundaries in Cuprate Superconductor
  • Dr. Joachim Hemberger (25.01.2006) "Experimentalphysik"
    Complex interplay of microscopic degrees of freedom in transition-metal oxides
  • Dr. Jörg Schäfer (14.12.2005) "Experimentalphysik"
    Electronic Interactions and Phase Transitions at Surfaces and in Low Dimensions
  • Dr. Helmut Karl (29.06.2005) "Experimentalphysik"
    Combinatorial Ion Beam Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanoclusters
  • Dr. Ralph Dux (19.1.2005) "Experimentalphysik"
    Impurity Transport in Tokamak Plasmas
  • Dr. Igor Goychuk (08.12.2004) "Theoretische Physik"
    Quantum dynamics with fluctuating parameters
  • Dr. Sigmund Kohler (08.12.2004) "Theoretische Physik"
    Transport through driven nanoscale conductors
  • Dr. Alexander Krimmel (15.1.2003) "Experimentalphysik"
    Electronically highly correlated tenary transition metal oxides
  • Dr. Matthias Vojta (12.12.2002) "Theoretische Physik"
    Bulk and boundary quantum phase transitions in d-wave superconductors
  • Dr. Peter Schwab (12.12.2002) "Theoretische Physik"
    Electron-Electron Interactions and Charge Transport in Mesoscopic Conductors
  • Dr. Ursel Fantz (23.1.2002) "Experimentalphysik"
    Atomic and Molecular Emission Spectroscopy in Low Temperature Plasmas Containing Hydrogen and Deuterium
  • Dr. Andrei Pimenov (19.12.2001) "Experimentalphysik"
    Submillimeter-Wave Electrodynamics of Superconductors
  • Dr. Stefan Kehrein (4.7.2001) "Theoretische Physik"
    The Flow Equation Approach to Many-Particle Systems
  • Dr. Franz J. Gießibl (4.7.2001) "Experimentalphysik"
    Progress in Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Dr. Dietmar Weinmann (20.6.2001) "Theoretische Physik"
    Mesoscopic Systems with Disorder and Interaction
  • Dr. Peter Reimann (22.11.2000) "Theoretische Physik"
    Noisy Transport in Periodic Systems far from Equilibrium
  • Dr. Ralf Bulla (22.11.2000) "Theoretische Physik"
    The Numerical Renormalization Group Method for Correlated Electron Systems
  • Dr. Jörg K.N. Lindner (19.07.2000) "Experimentalphysik"
    The Formation of SiC Thin Films by Ion Beam Synthesis and Other Techniques: A Review
  • Dr. Peter Lunkenheimer (19.01.2000) "Experimentalphysik"
    Dielectric Spectroscopy of Glassy Dynamics