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Upcoming talks:
Dr. Grigory Tkachov (Theoretische Physik II)
Topological Matter: Concepts and Models
Lehrstuhlseminar Theoretische Physik II, room: T-2003
Dr. Corentin Morice
Bismuth-sulphur superconductors, quantum bicriticality and weak-to-strong topological phase transition

In this talk, I will present two different past projects and my current work. In the first part, I will discuss bismuth-sulphur superconductors, which attracted interest due to their proximity to a charge density wave instability, as well as phase coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity. This, along with the fact that superconductivity is confined to two-dimensional layers, suggested the possibility of an unconventional superconducting mechanism. We showed using ab-initio methods that indeed conventional superconductivity could not explain the transitions temperatures obtained experimentally. In the second part, I will present work on a phenomenological model where two order parameters coupled biquadratically have a common quantum critical point. We showed that the susceptibilities corresponding to the two order parameters have the same qualitative form at low temperature even when they are different in the absence of coupling. Finally, I will present my current work on ZrTe5, a material close to the boundary between weak and strong topological insulating phases.

Lehrstuhlseminar Theoretische Physik III, room: S-439
Prof. Dr. Johannes Beck (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)
Schwere, elektronenreiche Hauptgruppenelemente: eine Geschichte von Ketten, Ringen, Clustern und Druck
Chemisches Kolloquium, room: T-1004
Prof. Dr. Markus Münzenberg (Universität Greifswald)
Ways towards optical spin manipulation in topological systems
Seminar TRR80, room: S-288

Physik-Bachelor und -Master reakkreditiert

On the basis of the successful on-site review meeting in December 2015, the accreditation of our B.Sc. and M.Sc. 'Physics' was extended by ASIIN, thereby confirming the high quality of our study programs. - Meanwhile (as of 30 Sep 2016) the accreditation was extended until 2022, i.e., the maximally possible duration.